About us...

OCRRUNNING.CZ is a new multi-brand store, focused on traditional sports brands such as MIZUNO, SAUCONY, ICEBUG, INOV-8, NEW BALANCE, MERRELL, SENSOR, CHIMPANZEE.
we selected the portfolio of brands based on our own years of experience in triathlon, duathlon, skiing, hiking, running and ocr races. 


Something about me:

sport accompanies me and my family practically every step of the way. I started swimming when I was about ten years old, then other sports were added - tennis, running, cycling, skiing, cross-country and downhill, later snowboarding and around 1993, I started to fully devote myself to triathlon. I've done more than 200 of them, at various distances, including several ironmans. In 2015 I fell in love with OCR races, where I also started my successful anabasis with the distribution of ICEBUG running shoes, and began to participate in the development, promotion of spike running. I have also participated in several international competitions, including two European Championships and one World Championships. Considering my age, I take OCR races more as a great fun, a matter of the heart, with a great atmosphere and many friends around:)

Experience in selling sporting goods:
I have been selling running shoes for more than 25 years. Since 1996, I was lucky enough to be at the birth of the ASICS brand distribution on the Czech and Slovak market. Later I worked for one of the largest multi-brand sports footwear chains in Europe and was involved in the opening of more than 40 stores in the sports footwear segment. In that time, I've worn just about everything the running shoe range has to offer :)

What benefits the store offers:
we offer basically the complete range of products needed for training, racing, recovery, leisure. Adequate customer service is also a matter of course, given our experience in the sale of sporting goods / running shoes. In addition, he also has a personal approach and excellent knowledge of the cross-country, triathlon and OCR environments. An integral part of this are preferential conditions for sports groups, clubs and clubs. In cooperation with our partners, we are able to prepare such benefits that will be really beneficial for the members of these sports groups. And that is our main goal. To offer a proven and functional brand, with adequate advice and customer service, on favourable terms for active customers.

Sport and an active approach to life is what connects us with our customers. I would like to make your sporting life more enjoyable and possibly push the limits and boundaries of your performance with this shop and offer, attitude and personal experience.


Martin Šálek