Correct selection of shoe size

  • If you are unsure of the correct shoe size, a size chart for the relevant shoe brand is included with each item. At the bottom of our shop, there is a link to all the size charts of the shoes.sHOE SIZE TABLES
  • If you do not have any experience with a particular brand and need to be sure of the correct size selection, we present here a detailed guide and manual on how to choose according to your foot length. For each shoe size, it is usually numbered in UK, US, EU and the insole length in cm or JP. Just because you normally use a size 43, doesn't necessarily mean that size 43 is the same for all brands, especially running shoes! It is quite normal that the insole length varies from one manufacturer to another, for example for size 43!!! For MERRELL it is 27,5cm, for MIZUNO it is 28cm, for NEW BALANCE it is 27,5cm, for SAUCONY it is 27,5, for INOV-8 it is 28cm, for ICEBUG it is also 28cm. Therefore, the most accurate indication of the correct size selection is the marking in cm, or JP for your already tested shoes for a certain type of sport, hiking, walking. 

  • The length in cm, for the specific example on size 43, indicates the "MAXIMUM WALKING LENGTH" for that size, so the marking 27.5cm or 28cm, depending on the marking, means "MAXIMUM WALKING LENGTH" for that size. It does not have to indicate the insole length!!! In some cases, it can be 1 cm longer than the marked 27.5 cm, depending on the type of hoof and the brand of shoe.
  • If you have measured the length of your foot - a very general figure and can definitely vary +/- 27.5cm depending on the method of measurement, your ideal size for running shoes should be approximately the insole length marked by the manufacturer 28cm or 28.5cm. You can also compare this marking on your current running shoes, across brands. So, if you think, you have measured that the length of your foot is 27,5cm and you have ADIDAS running shoes insole length marked by the manufacturer 28cm, then it is definitely assumed that 28cm - marked by the manufacturer maximum foot length, see picture, should fit you and other brands, such as INOV-8, MIZUNO, SAUCONY.
  • If this table has not helped you and you are not sure of the right size, you can of course also write to us or call us. Due to many years of experience in the sale of running, sports shoes, we will be happy to consult with you on the selection of the right size.