Test of NVii combs

Test of NVii rakes - FOREST 1 model

After some time, we got back to testing the studs, which we didn't know much about until now. I have to say that we are literally thrilled with the tested shoes!!!

We have been promoting and supporting cross-country running for more than 15 years and consider ourselves experts/pioneers in cross-country running. Clearly, studded boots already dominate the heavy rugged trail and winter races, to the detriment of various types of non-shoes. Honestly, it's awfully good, as running in non-shoes or in a shoe with integrated spikes is really a diametric difference. Today, there are basically three brands on the market that offer high-end running shoes with integrated spikes. Icebug and INOV-8 are currently joined by NVii from Finland. I knew that these boots are currently worn by our orienteering team, but otherwise I knew nothing about the brand. Several top orienteers, led by Peter Ivars, have been involved in the development of the models and it really shows in the shoes ????. We deliberately chose FOREST 1 studs for the test. In truth, I have already refused to return them from the test and they have become an integral part of my shoe closet. I have had my hands on just about everything the nail market has to offer and after the top-notch ZEAL OLX, SPIRIT OLX, PYTHO BUGrip from ICEBUG, OROC 270 and OROC 290 from INOV-8, I was very curious about the FOREST 1 from NVii.

The very first feeling after putting it on, I perceived that it was a racing shoe, I hardly felt it on my foot and was a little afraid of the minimalist feeling in the shoe. On first slip on, I felt a nice space around the toes and above the toes, although I felt the shoe was a narrower fit. Once tightened, the shoe fits the foot perfectly though still with a nice space around the toes. I managed to run about 400km in my boots, especially in heavy trail, and now in our Brdy region also about 250km on snow and ice. I have to say that the FOREST 1 is an absolutely amazing stud with fantastic traction, very similar to the ICEBUG SPIRIT 8 OLX, although there is more room in the front. the outsole is almost identical to the SPIRITY, including the integrated studs and fit system, so it feels exactly the same, hence the great feel. The upper is fantastically firm but comfortable, the shoe fits great, the foot does not fall in the shoe even after total soaking. After 400 km there are no signs of wear on the shoe. What impressed me most about the shoe is the damping, if you can call it that in a racing stud. But compared to the ICEBUG and INOV-8, there is quite a lot of material under the heel, which is really noticeable, especially on longer runs on ice, which I did a few times in FOREST 1. It is possible to do 20 - 25km on hard ice in the boots, my feet really didn't hurt and it felt great! There is no point in elaborating on the fact that the spikes in the shoe are not felt at all, but this is now a standard with all the models mentioned. Carbide spikes, perfectly integrated into the sole, excellent solid, durable upper and a shoe cut that is narrower around the heel and instep, but with a sufficient feeling of freedom in the toes. Low drop and great manoeuvrability of the shoe. With the current price on the Czech market (2468,-), it is an absolute gem among the spikes, which you can use for example on LH 24, Jested skyrace, various types of OCR races, or of course during orienteering. These spikes will be a great help for you during interval training in the field or when training fast runs in rugged terrain. I have used the FOREST 1 very intensively during enduro off-road running, when I prefer to disappear into the woods off the roads on weekends.