The main attribute of road running shoes is, of course, cushioning. It is important to remember that running on the road puts a lot of strain on our body. Therefore, when selecting running shoes for the road, it is necessary to place great emphasis on comfort and cushioning technology with respect to the running style, fitness, somatotype of the runner. An important parameter when choosing a road running shoe is also the drop (the slope of the shoe, from heel to toe) and also the height of the foot. The bigger drop, of course, does not always mean a higher level of damping and greater comfort. It all depends on the technology used by the manufacturer, the choice of segments used in the midsole and especially the style and technique of running - the habits of the runner. Torsional stiffness is also very important in road running shoes. When stepping on a hard surface, especially in the downhills, the ankle foot and Achilles tendon are very stressed. The torsional stiffness of the shoe is therefore a key factor in preventing overloading and subsequent injury. Of course, today's road shoes also have very comfortable, breathable uppers. The weight of a road running shoe is recommended to be decided with regard to the ambition and use of the shoe. In general, it is not good to deal with an extra gram of volume for longer runs, at the expense of comfort and convenience. With a racing shoe, of course, weight is often very crucial. We recommend to intersperse and alternate running on the road with runs in the field, in the woods and on softer ground.

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